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Brand Name Change Announcement

We are excited to announce a significant change in our brand identity. After careful consideration and strategic planning, we have decided to rebrand our company from to Altura Automotive.

This decision is part of our ongoing commitment to evolve and grow as a company, reflecting the values and aspirations that drive us forward. The new brand name, Altura Automotive, encapsulates our dedication to reaching new heights in innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

While our name is changing, our core values, commitment to excellence, and the quality of our products/services remain unwavering. We believe that this new brand identity better represents who we are and where we are headed.

The transition to Altura Automotive will be seamless, and you can expect to see the new brand reflected across all our communication channels, including our website, social media, and marketing materials.

We appreciate your continued support throughout this transition.

Thank you for being a valued part of our journey.

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